Investing for Beginners: A Save Spend Invest Guide

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If you want to get started with investing then THIS is the right place to start. This is a comprehensive guide for investing for beginners. A no-BS, jargon free approach that will tell you exactly what you need to know to get started with investing, and especially in the stock market. Packed with frameworks, checklists and questionnaires tailored especially for beginners, to make sure you’re ready to start investing as soon as you’re done with the book. 50+ pages of no fluff, just straight up what to do and HOW to do it. And I’m speaking from experience too. I took £2000 and grew that overtime into a £15k portfolio over a 4 year period split into stocks, index funds, ETFs, and cryptocurrency. But in this ebook we're going to show you specifically how to get started with investing in the stock market (buying stocks and funds). You can apply the principles in this book in whatever country or region you're from. 

Content includes:

- Emergency fund framework

- Risk profile questionnaire

- Types of investments 

- 8 UK Investment platforms to get started with, pros + cons, and minimum amounts required

- How to choose the right investment platform for you

- How to pick shares

- Understanding share prices

- How does the stock market work

- How to buy shares/ETFs with 2 investment platforms (LIVE demo) 

- 50 Phrases to know before you invest with some examples


This is a beginner's guide, but is not financial advice nor tailored for any individual so every information and scenario will be different for each person. However, this will help you take your first steps into investing and keep the ball rolling. More than a knowledge bank, this is a PRACTICAL guide on making the moves to secure your financial future. The biggest investment you can make is in yourself, so buy this book to start your investment journey! 

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You will get a copy of investing for beginners in either PDF (or Epub -best for kindles) sent to your email. If you have any questions or issues, please email, or dm me on Instagram @savespendinvest

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Investing for Beginners: A Save Spend Invest Guide

9 ratings
I want this!